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JBL Meets Xavier Woods, Title Match Added To WWE HIAC, Brad Maddox Not On Raw

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WWE Hell in a Cell

- After JBL claimed on last week's episode of Monday Night Raw he didn't know who Xavier Woods was, the two got acquainted at this week's show in Memphis, Tennessee. JBL Tweeted the following photo:


— John Layfield (@JCLayfield) October 21, 2013

Woods formerly worked in TNA Wrestling as Consequences Creed and has been a standout in WWE's developmental program.

- AJ Lee will defend the WWE Divas Championship against Brie Bella at Sunday's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. Click here for the official match preview on dot com.

- Brad Maddox Tweeted prior to Monday Night Raw he won't be on this week's show. The comments are kayfabe to sell his "concussion" from last week's episode of Smackdown.

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