JBL Remembers His Feud With Eddie Guerrero


John Layfield posted a blog on his website last Friday, the 7th anniversary of his Texas bull rope match with Eddie Guerrero. He discusses many parts of their feud, including the angle of Eddie's mother having a heart attack, which nearly led to a riot in El Paso. Layfield also remembers the infamous bloodbath in the match between the two at Judgment Day 2004 in the excerpt below:

"We had a lot of heat and it was a huge hispanic crowd which helped. Eddie and I both wanted to do something meaningful. Eddie made a 'business' blade. Our inside term for going to the bone. It looked like a sword. Eddie had juiced earlier in the month and it didn't go well, he had a lot of scar tissue from juicing. Guys got that as they got older and had to move where they bladed.

The chair shot was very stiff. It's how Eddie and I played-believe me, I took one at the next PPV that was just as good. We both loved it that way. Eddie went deep. Very deep. I had no idea until I watched that tape back how much blood there was, I have seen some bloodbaths and in Japan , Europe, Mexico and Texas I had been in several-I have never seen anything like that.

Eddie was out of it, he didn't remember the last 15 minutes of match. They took him to hospital to get blood right after match was over. I can't believe he made it through. He wasn't right for a couple of weeks. We didn't know if he could do the bullrope match-but he not only did, but put in a heck of a performance. We both looked back and smiled at that night. We needed something dramatic and we got it. And, Eddie as he always did-delivered with the lights on bright."Click here to read the full article.

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