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Jeff Hardy Will Try To Work In Knee Brace, Huge Possibility He Returns To WWE

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Jeff Hardy & Fan

Ric Flair welcomed Jeff Hardy to his WOOOOO! Nation podcast, where he discussed his recent knee injury that we reported on last week, as well as a potential return to WWE which Hardy calls a "huge possibility". You can read some of the highlights from the podcast below.

What does he plan to do about his injury?

"I'm going to try to wrestle with this brace on in January. I say I'm going to see what it feels like, but I'm kind of scared, honestly, to see what it [feels like] because I don't want to hurt it worse, but I'm going to give it a shot. I think I'm going to try a few easy matches and just see how it feels. I'm just going to avoid landing on my knees and maybe not doing as many moves I normally do and just see how it goes. But ultimately, I'm going to end up having the surgery sometime early next year and, sadly, I'll probably be missing most of 2016."

Will the Hardy Boyz make a return to WWE?

"I think there's a huge possibility down the road. I'm not sure when, but I think both Matt and myself would love to end our careers in the WWE and it'd be super, double great to be able to have a few more good ones with the Dudley Boyz, for sure. As far as us returning and having some more matches with them, it all depends on how long they're going to be there and how long it takes us to get there. I mean, but, definitely, it's a possibility. I'm just not sure when right now."

What else would he like to accomplish in WWE?

"I've done most of everything I've wanted to do, but I guess there [are] two big things. I mean, and those two big things are I never got to do a Hell In [A] Cell in the WWE. That's a pretty big one. And I've never main evented WrestleMania, so, ultimately, if it could all work out one day, before it's all over, I'd like to do those two things."

CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast.

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