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Jericho Pitching New TV Show?, Batista Dismisses WWE Rumors, JR's MITB Thoughts

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Dave Batista

Jericho Pitching New TV Show?

Chris Jericho posted a photo in front of the communications office of the Discovery Channel with the following hostags on Instagram - "Ready for my big pitch...! #tvshowcreator #thenewkurtsutter #fingiescrossed." You can view the photo on Instagram at this link.

Batista Dismisses WWE Rumors

Dave Batista (sorry, I'm not going to revert to the legitimate spelling of his last night for continuity purposes) took to Twitter to dismiss a recent rumor that he's negotiating with Triple H regarding a return to WWE. The following is from Batista's verified Twitter account:

While Batista is referencing a report written by another publication, he's not being completely honest. Batista was at the March 21, 2013 WWE NXT tapings in Winter Park, Florida where he spoke with Triple H. I wasn't in the room but was told they talked about short-term booking scenarios.

JR's Money in the Bank Thoughts

Jim Ross has a new blog entry online where he gives his thoughts on WWE Money in the Bank. Click here for his latest in its entirety.

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