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Jerry Lawler, Booker T, & Jeff Hardy Discuss Their Experiences With The Annual WrestleMania Art Auction

The Miami Herald has a new article up in which Jerry Lawler, Booker T, & Jeff Hardy discuss the annual WrestleMania Charity Art Auction and more. In the following excerpt, Lawler discusses working with Booker T for the art auction:

“Last year [in Atlanta], it was funny, too. I had heard Booker T say he was a good artist, and he was going to actually do a portrait of his wife [Queen Sharmell], so he and I started doing our pieces at the same time. I didn’t get to watch him do his because we were kind of back-to-back at dueling art tables.

“So I’d heard Booker was a pretty good artist [chuckle], and he had a photograph of his wife that he put up there on the canvas, and oh my God, went he got through [laughs], it looked like maybe Stevie Wonder had drawn it. It was the thought that counted, and somebody still bought it because it was an original piece done by Booker T. It was sort of like a Pablo Picasso [more laughs]. Her nose was coming out of the side of her head. Her ears were where her eyes should have been. It was funny.”

Booker T responded in the following excerpt:

“I sat there next to King, and he’s so great. King is a great artist. He does water colors, water paintings. You can tell he’s put so much time — outside anyone’s eyes — behind the scenes putting the work in doing that. He inspired me to get a lot better. He inspired me to go work on my craft. I don’t think my art is great, but it’s really not about how great something is in that frame right there. It’s just about doing your best, and hopefully we can help somebody raise some money.

“Hopefully, I’ll do a whole lot better this year.”

Jeff Hardy had the following to say about the auction:

“I did one in Houston, WrestleMania 25. It was a bummer because I asked if I could do a big canvas, and I’d used spray paint and do it outdoors, but they did it in a fancy library. So I couldn’t use spray paint, and then they had a canvas that was the size of a piece of plywood.

So I go in there, and they go, ‘Oh yea, we’ve got your canvas,’ and I’m supposed to finish it with tubes of paint and a brush. Spray paint would have been easy. It was horrible, and I wasn’t satisfied with the painting, the outcome.

Now they’re auctioning it off, and I’ll never forget it. My wife was out there, and she’s bidding, and we got it up to $2,200. So I ended up buying it myself. I told them, ‘Please send it to me. Let me spray paint it and do a great job, and I’ll send it back.’”

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