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Jerry Lawler Comments On Domestic Assault Arrest

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Jerry Lawler

WMC Action News 5 out of Memphis, TN interviewed Jerry Lawler after his arrest on domestic assault charges. Lawler said he got back from a wrestling event on Thursday when he arrived home to find his fiancée, Lauryn McBride, intoxicated.

"When she drinks, we get into a little bit of a shouting match and then she wants to leave," Lawler said over the phone from the jailhouse. "I was not going to let her leave in the car, because she was not in any condition to drive. She got more and more upset.”

During the altercation, Lalwer was scratched in the face, kicked in the groin and had a candle thrown at him. McBride allegedly told him she was drunk when she stated she knew where the gun was and threatened to commit suicide.

"The police came and they do their job, you know, when something like that is, you know, a situation like that, they say they've gotta take you down for a--they officially call it a 'cooling off period.'"

"It's just an unfortunate situation. Nobody was hit and nobody was hurt. It's just something that happened as a result of drinking too much," Lawler said.

Both Lawler and McBride were arrested when police were unable to determine the primary aggressor.

"We're going to be in court on Monday morning and it'll all come out that it was basically a misunderstanding that got out of hand," Lawler said.

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