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Jerry Lawler Explains What Happened In Car Accident

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Dot com got some quotes from Jerry Lawler about his Halloween night car accident in Tennessee. Below is what he told WWE’s official website:

“I’m fine, but Lauryn is pretty banged up. We had taken care of the trick-or-treaters and went for pizza right near the house. We were coming home to catch the end of the University of Memphis game. I was sitting at a red light at a busy intersection not a minute from my house. I got the green arrow to make a left turn. I started making the turn and I saw the car coming, not slowing down at all. The driver ran a red light."

Lawler continued to say, "Lauryn was in the ER for four hours. Her face is really, really swollen on the left side. They also put her in a leg brace and knee immobilizer. I think she has a concussion because this morning when she got up, she fell down and saw stars and black spots.”

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Jamie Welton had our initial coverage. There was a lot of concern for Lawler and his girlfriend, Lauryn McBride, once word got out they were involved in a serious car accident. Many believed it was a head-on collision, which is not accurate. Lawler's vehicle was hit from the side and then totaled. He assured everyone on social media that he is fine but the car wasn't so lucky.

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