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Jerry Lawler Says Smackdown Move Rejuvenated Him, More Fun Than Raw

The Miami Herald asked Jerry Lawler about moving from Raw to Smackdown. Below is an excerpt of his response:

"It kind of rejuvenated me. It's fun to work with guys that you can tell are a little intimidated by you. You don't want to play that trump card very often, but you know it's always there. Byron is very talented. So is Tom Phillips, and they are a lot of fun to work with. SmackDown to me, and I'm not casting anything against Raw, but maybe it's a little more fun. Maybe it's because there is a little less pressure in the fact we tape the show and it's an hour shorter than Raw.

"I mean Raw is like a runaway train sometimes, which is fun to watch. It's not always fun to be a part of the broadcast because it's high-pressure show, producing a three-hour live show every week. SmackDown has been a lot of fun. More moves are in the future. They are moving to USA Network next year. That is going to be huge with Raw and SmackDown on the same network."

CLICK HERE to read the piece in its entirety.

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