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Jerry Lawler On WWE Becoming Politically Correct, Not PG

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Jerry Lawler

On a recent episode of Dinner with the KingJerry Lawler discussed the current PG Era of WWE and talked about how the company was more about becoming politically incorrect rather than maintaining a PG rating:

"Everybody says 'what does PG mean?' Think everybody gets that wrong. I don't think they're PG. PG means you can be risky and and say some stuff like that, but then it's up to the parents to decide. If that's okay, for your kid to hear it, that's what that means. Parental guidance.

So the parents should listen and decide whether they think this is okay for the kids, but I think what the WWE has become is PC. And, it's what the whole world has become politically correct and worrying about offending anybody. That's what keeps you muzzled so to speak."

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