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Jerry Lawler's New WWE Contract, Dolph Ziggler To Blame For Heart Attack?

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Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler will make his return to the broadcast both at tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view. In a new interview on the Cerrito Live Podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer explained his new open-ended contract with WWE.

"That's the cool thing about this contract. It's kind of an open-ended thing as far as what I'm actually going to be doing. That's the thing about the WWE. A lot of people… the great thing about it is that it's so spontaneous. I mean, they don't know, from one week to the next, what they're going to do, so it's hard to say, 'oh, here's what we've got planned for this far in advance' because, literally, the thing about me being on SmackDown, just came about like the week before or right after they did the SmackDown the week before.

"What happens is, I guess they all get together, the creative's crew and everything, and the writers. And they say, 'oh, next week, we're in Memphis - lets do something with 'King', so that's how stuff like that happens. I really don't know exactly what I'll be doing. I thought for awhile, 'hey, I wouldn't be doing any calling of matches' and then, all of a sudden, I'm calling the Royal Rumble [match], so you just don't know."

In addition to that, Lawler discussed having a heart attack on live WWE television in 2012. He believes the elbows from Dolph Ziggler in their bout earlier in the night led to it. For those that do not remember, Jerry teamed with Randy Orton to oppose Ziggler and CM Punk that night.

"Oh my gosh, I've said it a million times. I really feel like that that match with Dolph Ziggler led to the cardiac arrest. I honestly believe that."

Lawler continued, "I remember so distinctly the main thing that I remember about that night, I don't remember the cardia arrest or anything, but I remember being back over at the desk and I remember looking up. I see Kane and Daniel Bryan in a match and then, the next thing I know, I open my eyes again and I'm in a hospital bed. But I do remember, during the match, Dolph Ziggler was jumping as high in the air as he could and coming down with those big elbow drops across my chest and I think he did 10. I think he did 10 in a row. And I remember at about the number five, I just thought to myself, 'damn, whatever happened to the days where we'd do this and not kill each other?' That was my exact thought sitting there. I remember having that exact thought. I'm thinking, 'this freakin' guy is killing me with these things, right?' and sure enough, he did!"


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