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Jey Uso Speaks On Winning WWE Gold, Ryback On Regressing To Midcard

Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald has a new article online to promote Extreme Rules on Sunday featuring quotes from Jey Uso and Ryback. Below are the highlights;

Jey Uso on wining the WWE Tag Team Championship:

“It meant a whole lot,” Jey said. “They finally put us on a pedestal with my whole family. There is this Samoan lineage and being champion. It was March 3 we won. If you watch the footage back, it was a moment for us. We know how much it meant to the family. We knew they were watching.”

Ryback on regressing to the midcard:

“I came in 2012 and burst on the scene,” Ryback said. “I believe I was the most popular thing. Before the ‘Yes Movement’, there was the ‘Feed Me More’ movement. I took the WWE by storm. I was undefeated for some time, sometimes taking on two guys at one time. I jumped in the main event scene very quickly and stayed very popular with the WWE Universe for a long time. We made the switch and went an opposite way and took it all away. Not that I necessarily agreed with it at the time, but I feel it was a good move.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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