Jim Cornette Talks Distracting Production Style on WWE Programming

Jim Cornette

On a recent edition of his podcast, Jim Cornette talked about WWE's production quality and how it irritates him whenever he tries to watch the product:

"It's always driven me insane, because the lighting should be the ring and the ringside area," said Cornette. "Now, in between the matches, I was always in favor of turning the arena lights on, even in the places where they didn't, because it was easier for us to get to the ring and back without being killed, instead of it being in the dark. But once the match starts, all the focus, all the attention in the arena should be on the ring and the ringside area... I've always hated the [WWE] lighting. It's so distracting, and I don't want to see all those people, I don't want to see the arena. I want to see what's going on in the ring and I want to lose myself in that."

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