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Jim Cornette Weighs In On Mauro Ranallo/JBL Situation

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Jim Cornette

On an episode of his podcast, Jim Cornette weighed in on the ongoing situation between Mauro Ranallo and JBL. Cornette spoke highly of Ranallo but said that he didn't understand how it got to this point without someone intervening and halting it before it got too far.

Cornette even suggested that Ranallo should have said something directly to JBL early on because the Texan is way too "litigious" with his money at this point in his career and wouldn't risk it by exerting actual physical harm on the former MMA announcer. Cornette relayed a story from a time when Shawn Michaels was being verbally abusive towards him personally and how he handled it:

“I remember the time Shawn Michaels yelled at me and Jose Lothario in Anaheim in the locker room cause our little fight between the two managers took the tension away from him and Vader he thought and instead of taking us over in the corner, he yelled at us. Not only me, but Jose, the guy who trained him right out in front of the boys. So I went and told Jack Lanza, I said: ‘look here, next time he talks to me that way in front of the boys you’re gonna have a three-foot-tall f---ing WWF Champion cause I’m gonna f---ing take a baseball bat and I’m gonna f---ing kneecap him."


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