Jim Ross Blogs On Busy WWE Week Ahead, High Expectations For Cena/Bryan

Jim Ross

Jim Ross has a new article online on his official website. Below is an excerpt:

HUGE week of TV production for the WWE team beginning Monday and concluding Thursday evening in Texas. Unless one has actually been immersed in a week such as this there is no way one can accurately describe the intensity and pressure on so many to produce so much.

It's akin to a NBA team playing back to back to back to back ROAD GAMES. Some of the talents get to tag out after two days to begin a ball busting travel schedule while others will be engaged all four days. The TV production folks and the other WWE personnel will be working LONG hours over four days while driving the Texas loop. I wish all safe travels and the best of luck producing a Texas sized load of television all leading into what is shaping up to be an intriguing Summer Slam. These are the types of trips where being able to enjoy a late night, WHATABURGER after an 18 hour day becomes a slice of R&R.

Some talents are packing for an 18 day trip. That in itself isn't easy

Thinking that @JohnCena vs. @WWEDanielBryan at Summer Slam could resemble a Cena vs. @ShawnMichaels or @Real KurtAngle match vs. anything that we've seen from the WWE Champion in recent years. Bryan's pace and skill set will sternly challenge Cena on a night where we could readily see the @WWE Title changing hands in Los Angeles. Bryan's speed would seem to be problematic for Cena....or anyone.

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