Jim Ross Blogs On This Week's WWE Raw - Hopes For Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler At SummerSlam


Jim Ross has a new blog entry with his thoughts on this week's WWE Raw. Below is an excerpt:

I enjoyed Monday Night Raw from San Antonio as the live crowd helped make it a better show. The crowd was hot, or so they sounded, and WWE had them mic'ed well. (This is a common complaint that I have with UFC...I wish that they would mic their live crowds better.)

It's no mystery nor does it take a wrestling savant to realize that any three hour, live television broadcast has its challenges in our short attention span world. I thought the first hour particularly zoomed by Monday night.

On my personal list of Raw favorites from San Antonio:

AJ Lee's continued development as the Raw GM which I feel is a good role for the talented, young woman. She adds a different dynamic to the role made famous by Mr. McMahon who was the hand's down best at it.

@WWEDanielBryan...arguably WWE's most interesting star at the moment and who seems to NEVER have a bad match with anyone. Back in the day, Bryan would have been a great candidate to have been the traveling, NWA Champion because of his skill level and believable personality. However, egocentric NWA promoters and power brokers would have bemoaned Daniel's lack of size and found other lame excuses to exclude him from the process.

@CMPunk vs. Rey Mysterio...excellent chemistry and a match/rivalry that I could see much more of in the future. The more time these two have the better.

Wade Barrett vignette...I loved it. Extremely well produced. "Barrett Barrage" might take some getting used to but the vignette itself featuring a man who has yet to remotely approach his potential was a hit.

Big Show's right hand...has it's own zip code and is more meaningful now than it ever has been. The repackaging of the World's Largest Athlete has been successful thus far. He's much more effective, in my view, as a villain than as a fan favorite.

AW's mic work is largely entertaining and is uniquely presented. I look at it as a sign that a 'manager' is at least getting a shot and that tag teams are getting some exposure on WWE's flagship program. For some critics, that won't be enough but I consider it a start and an improvement from over just a few weeks ago. Yes, it's a work in progress as it the entire tag team scene but I, for one, am willing to watch it evolve. These are classic examples where every team needs to truly maximize their minutes. AW is out there working without a net of which he has to remain constantly aware. But...the man can talk.

Really enjoyed the HHH/Lesnar business with @ShawnMichaels and @HeymanHustle adding greatly to the process. The segment left me wanting more which I perceive as a good thing. I was thinking that it would be a potentially long night for Shawn in his hometown, I speak from experience, but I was wrong. I was looking for the 'heater' and got an off speed pitch. Now I have even more to look forward to regarding this high profile matter heading into Summerslam.

Lesnar telling HBK that "I'll see you before Summerslam" is a major declaration.

I wish I had been in San Antonio for the HBK Appreciation Night portion of the evening that was held after RAW went off the air. I'm a major HBK fan for many reasons and not all of them have to do with wrestling. I am grateful that I was a small part of the process that helped facilitate Shawn's WWE return after four years off.

I was working for Bill Watts' Mid South Wrestling when Shawn had his first match there and remember him being taken under the wing of the Rock 'n Roll Express, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson.

I don't know if Shawn Michaels is hand's down the very BEST of all time, it's an overly subjective topic, but I can make a valid argument that no one that I've ever seen with my own eyes has been BETTER.

@HEELZiggler and @IAmJericho is a match made in grappling heaven. I hope that they compete at Summerslam and if they do their bout will be tough to follow. I thought Jericho was money at the announce table.

The three hour Raw broadcasts certainly provides an opportunity for the occasional guest broadcaster IE Jericho Monday night. For some talents that's a blessing and for others, I know of what I speak, it's the kiss of death.

Punk's closing promo to King was entertaining and provocative. I hope that Punk gets back to more of his eye opening, shocking verbalizing style in the week's to come.

Enjoying Damien Sandow's TV growth. The more aggressive and physical he is the better for me. Sandow's promos are delivered organically and professionally.

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