Jim Ross Comments On WWE Developmental Tryouts

NXT Wrestling

Jim Ross has a short blog on his official website about the WWE developmental tryouts from this weekend. Below is an excerpt:

The NXT tryouts started somewhat slowly on an extremely long Friday but Saturday was a superb day. The retention from Friday to Saturday w/ the drills was exceptional. Focus was improved, everyone seemed to be more comfortable. Fun day.

Sunday will wrap up the process for the 30+ young men who were invited. Promos & more matches on tap before we wrap things up. If we can replicate the productivity we experienced Saturday, I'd expect a nice handful of offers to be extended over the next few weeks. Getting a WWE contract is daunting but well worth the effort and sacrifices it takes to get a shot at the Promised Land.

I choose to mention no names as that wouldn't be professional in my opinion but I've compiled my short list of those seriously in the hunt.

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.

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