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Jim Ross Discusses Royal Rumble Favorites, Current Raw Storylines, Zack Ryder, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

Chris Jericho has been acting somewhat annoying lately on RAW and has become a compelling TV persona again without saying a word. I have no idea if Jericho will speak tonight or not but if he doesn't and Chris were to win the Royal Rumble match then Y2J would have plenty to say. Jericho winning the Royal Rumble would potentially set up interesting TV in route to WM28. My last guess/prediction on the Rumble winner was Randy Orton to come thru in his hometown. That pick may be too simplistic. Picking a Rumble match winner is daunting. I'd rather simply see the event unfold than to overthink it or perceive that I have some magical 'insider' knowledge.

One has to assume that the interim, RAW GM's demeanor and actions of last week will be addressed tonight. Funkhauser's behavior wasn't overly professional last week on RAW. Punk/Laurinaitis is being compared to Austin/McMahon by some. Not by me...yet....but they had an excellent outing last week.

Cena and Kane have had a nice build since Kane returned to WWE in the mask. I'm a fan of the masked Kane and am happy to see the veteran back on TV in such a prominent way.

I'd love to see Punk and Ziggler compete for 30 minutes or more at the Royal Rumble. This would hopefully be a one on one contest would be a defining moment for both men at WWE PPV events and add much needed anticipation and impetus for Wrestlemania 28 no matter who the two, young stars face in Miami.

"Will Zack Ryder become a major star?" No one can accurately answer that question. There are too many unknown variables to answer but Ryder has made himself relevant and has created a niche for himself on WWE TV. How well Ryder progresses is going to be about his overall effort and game, the continued opportunities for TV exposure and Ryder being taken seriously by the fan base and not just as an entertaining, side kick type of wrestler. Ryder has worked incredibly hard and I'd suggest that timing is in his favor based on the lack of main event depth on the talent rosters and is desire to want to be a star. I will say that many WWE fans have seemingly made the all important emotional investment in the young man from Long Island.

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