Jim Ross Dismisses Rumors Of Being Involved In Possible Jeff Jarrett/Toby Keith Project

Jim Ross can kill rumors quicker than he can start them. JR wrote in a new blog entry he hasn't had any conversations with anyone about starting a new wrestling promotion. He added that he hasn't spoken to Jeff Jarrett since the day he left WWE.

The WWE Hall of Famer announcer added a dig to the 'net as well. Below is an excerpt:

Some websites are irresponsibly running with the story that just because Toby Keith and I are friends and fellow Okies who both follow the Sooners that I'm about to do business with Toby and Jeff Jarrett which isn't true. Toby and I had dinner at the Sugar Bowl, he's a wrestling fan from the old days and, a helluva entrepreneur with deep pockets. Nonetheless the reason that we were there was to support our Sooners vs. Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and not talk about pro wrestling.

We did talk the wrestling biz some but that's not unusual for me in any conversation after a 40 year career within the genre. We also talked country music, business investments, OU football and we spent the afternoon together with ESPN's Brad Nessler who's another wrestling fan. Yes, TNA came up a time or two but that was really a non issue in our conversations.

Click here for JR's latest in its entirety.

I can confirm there was talk a couple weeks ago that Jeff Jarrett could be partnering with Toby Keith to start a new pro wrestling promotion. You can read our breaking report from Christmas Eve at this link. As for JR's inclusion, the only thing we ran was a Tweet he posted from his verified account. We added nothing further.

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