Jim Ross Follows Up On Pirates Broadcast Tweet

Jim Ross

Jim Ross wrote this on his blog about his Pittsburgh Pirates tweet that nearly broke the Internet:

Read: Jim Ross Would Relocate To Pittsburgh To Call Pirates Games

Who would have thought that me answering a simple, harmless Tweet from a fan about the vacant Pittsburgh Pirate baseball broadcasting gig would have created such a stir. Being a life long broadcaster and baseball fan, among many sports, I simply said I'd relocate to Pittsburgh, my wife's hometown, to be able to broadcast baseball in the major leagues specially in Pittsburgh. Obviously, I have had zero interaction with the Pirates organization nor do I expect any. I do appreciate the heartwarming support that I've received via Twitter @JRsBBQ regarding this matter and I respect the opinion of the naysayers who have made it clear that they do not want a 'pro wrestling guy' touching their baseball broadcasts. That take is somewhat narrow minded but I certainly understand where they are coming from whether I agree or not.

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