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Jim Ross Looking To Write A Book, Visiting Tailgates, Supports Gay Marriage

Jim Ross has a new blog on his official website with his thought's on this week's WWE Raw. He also wrote he might visit some Wrestlemania 29 tailgates, announced he's looking at writing a book and put his support behind gay marriage. Below is an excerpt:

Anyone planning on tailgating at MetLife Stadium on Sunday of WrestleMania? If so, let me know via Twitter @JRsBBQ. I might just drop by and sample your tailgate food. Ol JR is a tailgating veteran.

Beginning to start doing research right after WM29 on a potential book. This is going to take months so don't expect a JR's book until likely 2014 at the earliest. I'm not going to half ass this project or throw something together for a pay day.

I rarely get political here but I do not feel that I have the right, as a human being, to tell other people who love each other that they cannot marry even though they might be of the same gender. All of God's children deserve to be happy.

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.

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