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Jim Ross Says What So Many Are Thinking - "Watching Any Show For 3 Hours Isn't Easy"; Comments On Vince McMahon's Impersonation On Raw

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry on his official website. Below is an excerpt:

Three hour TV shows are daunting and must be approached with extensive, long term planning and preparation. I enjoyed many elements of Monday Night Raw but watching ANY TV show for three hours isn't easy for me.

Hopefully, three hour Monday Night Raw's will provide more multiple segment wrestling matches and not more talk. Yep, old school guy here...I like the wrestling, drama, athleticism, and personal issues better than most talk.

Don't get me wrong, a focused, passionate, entertaining in ring promo that engages the live audience and takes us fans on a ride and closer to the talent's intended destination is still money. Unfortunately, an adlibbed, spontaneous promo is becoming a lost art.

Huge night for AJ who I thought was one of the standouts of the night in Hartford. Her TV persona is one of the more intriguing ones on WWE programming and AJ, for my money, is the most interesting female in WWE at this time.

@HeelZiggler aka Dolph Ziggler had a significant night. Opportunity knocks for Ziggler and I hope that he capitalizes on it. I've long been an advocate of Ziggler's and have felt that he's deserving of main event opportunities. I hope Ziggler and Sheamus, another one of my favorites, blow the PPV up on Sunday. That's how you don't get put on ignore...steal the show.

It's all about maximizing those minutes and seizing the moment when opportunity knocks.

Ziggler and Christian had a helluva outing in the waning moments of the Fatal Fourway. @Christian4Peeps is vastly underrated by some who aren't as smart as they perceive that they actually are.

Loved the return of Vader on Raw. Leon White aka Vader has lost a bunch of weight after getting north or the 400 pound mark and looked to be 330ish the last time that I saw him which was down in Tampa a few weeks ago. Vader's son is 'Jake Carter' who is one half of the Florida Tag Team Champions along with Cory Graves.

For those asking I have no idea if Vader's appearance is a one off or if he will be back occasionally. I can't see him in full time but, again, I don't know.

Big Show showed amazing restraint listening to John Cena verbally brow beat the World's Largest Athlete before physicality broke out. I'd expect that the newly minted, giant sized villain will be particularly impressive come No Way Out Sunday on PPV.

'Jim Ross' Trending on Twitter during Raw was a surprise. The Hornswoggle/Mr. McMahon skit impersonating yours truly must have struck a nerve with some folks. The Boss and 'Swoggle made for a comedic pair. Sell 'da Sauce!

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.

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