Jim Ross Weighs In On Questionable Finish At WWE HIAC

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

Jim Ross talked about being “very surprised” by Sasha Banks dropping the WWE Raw Women’s Championship to Charlotte in her hometown at WWE Hell in a Cell this past Sunday. Here’s what he said on The Ross Report podcast:

The week is crazy, but I did find time to watch Hell in a Cell. I thought it was a good show. I didn’t have any issues with the show whatsoever. I thought it was solid, pretty much from start to finish. Pretty much not like a lot of people, because of my time in the business, as a former EVP of Talent Relations in WWE, I always start with one thing: did the talent bust their a**? Did they give it their all? Did they phone it in? Did they work hard and smart? I thought the talent did a great job on Sunday night in Boston; didn’t see anybody phoning it in, but there are a lot of subjective things that I would like to talk about that happened on the show; the match order. There are some people taking an exception to the fact that two women in wrestling, Sasha Banks lost the title in her hometown; very surprising, to Charlotte. I don’t know if Sasha is hurt; what the story is behind the scenes, none of my business, don’t know or care to know. I was very surprised at the finish. I thought that Sasha was going to make a triumphant return in her hometown in a first ever Hell in a Cell match in Women’s history and win; I was wrong. The unpredictability in pro wrestling has always been an amazing facet to the genre, and WWE pulled that surprise card, which was not what they wanted to see. They wanted to see their fan favorite to win. I can promise you this; if you go to a New England Patriots game, and Tom Brady is Quarterbacking, then you know that if the Pats lose, the hometown crowd is going to be P.O’d, but I had no issues with the women closing the show; thought it was very marketable, and most people would agree that it was very conversational, so my question would be; why wasn’t it promoted more thoroughly going into the event? That was the only downside of the scenario that I personally saw that women closed the show with little advanced fan fare, but that was the only take I had against that deal.

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Some of our readers loved the match, others hated it. Richard voiced his displeasure for some of the miscues, while many readers, like JR, did not understand why WWE is playing “hot potato” with the title.

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