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Jimmy Uso Recognized More For Total Divas, Discusses Removal

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The Flagship out of Norfolk, Virginia has an article online featuring quotes from Jimmy Uso. In it, he discusses the removal of himself and Naomi from the Total Divas reality show.

Below is an excerpt:

With the recent news that neither you nor Trinity will be involved in the next season of the Total Divas series, is there some relief knowing that you will not have cameras on you at all times?

Jimmy Uso: The work is a lot less now. I almost get to have my privacy back. We come off of these tours and you want to get home and relax, but you’re still working because you’re front of these cameras. They’re in your home and you really just want to sleep all day. I’m OK with it, but my wife really isn’t. We didn’t agree with the terms, but things happen and they work out how they do. We’re enjoying the free time that we have now.

Totals Divas has exposed you to a different demographic of viewers that may not have normally watched WWE programming. Have you noticed this while out in the public?

Jimmy Uso: Definitely. I get recognized more from Total Divas than I do for WWE. With my wife, you get people that look at her and want a picture, but they’re not really sure if it’s her or not, but when we’re together, they automatically know. I get a lot of older women, actually, that come up to me. They’re like “Hey! You’re Jonathan from Total Divas!” out of nowhere. You’ll know that it’s a Total Divas fan because a WWE fan would have said “Uso!”. It was weird at first being called by my first name and my wife by her first name. It’s cool, and funny in a way.

CLICK HERE to read the article in its entirety.

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