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Jinder Mahal Admits To Being Surprised About WWE Release

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SLAM! Wrestling interviewed Jinder Mahal about his WWE release. Mahal, along with Drew McIntyre, was released from the company a couple of weeks ago, one day before an appearance he taped for Smackdown was scheduled to air. He admitted to being surprised that he was let go. Below is an excerpt:

"I was surprised, because we were pretty well booked on everything," Mahal told SLAM! Wrestling in his first interview since his WWE departure. "We were on a lot of the live events, a lot of the overseas tours. We were always on Raw and Smackdown, and if we weren't, we would do Superstars or Main Event in the week. So yeah, I was surprised."

Mahal is taking independent bookings with McIntyre through Bill Behrens. Click here to read the interview in its entirety.

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