Jinder Mahal On His Recent Push, If Undertaker Is Truly Retired, Women's MITB

Jinder vs Orton

In a recent interview, Jinder Mahal spoke regarding his recent push in the WWE and who was responsible for it:

"Ultimately I believe that I’m responsible for my own success because it’s me who’s putting in all the hard work. Being there every night, you know giving it a 100% and leaving it all in the ring. Vince McMahon has luckily been really hands on with me which I’ve been very fortunate about as he is one the great minds of the business."

Jinder also spoke about The Undertaker and how he had supposedly retired after Wrestlemania 33. Jinder commented on speculation if the Dead Man has truly hung up the boots or not:

"I believe there is another chapter left but that’s the thing about the WWE, that’s the thing with Undertaker, he’s so mysterious, he’s so unpredictable, you don’t know what that chapter’s going to be. You know he can pop up anytime, he can pop on RAW or on SmackDown. He can pop up at WrestleMania, you just never know, but I believe that he still has something left. But that’s just my opinion."

Finally, Mahal had a few words about the Women's Money in the Bank match and who he thought would win it all:

"I think it’s a great opportunity for the women. You know WWE is very progressive and the women’s division is moving forward. They have a match just like the WWE male Superstars are having and it’s tremendous. It shows equality, which I know WWE is very proud about. It’s a chance to showcase the Women’s division because I do believe they are tremendous, tremendous athletes. They hold their own against any of the matches that the men are having. As far as winning, I’m going to say, Carmella. We haven’t seen a lot of her, she’s unpredictable and is kind of the dark horse. I would like to see her win."


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