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Jinder Mahal On His Shyness, Idea Behind His Finish & More

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Jinder vs Orton

Current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal was interviewed by NBS News and had a few things to say regarding his career. The first thing he mentioned was his shyness outside of the ring:

“I’m very down to earth, quiet. I’m kind of a homebody. I have a little dog. She keeps me company. I just like to train and diet and get my rest so my body can recover so I can wrestle. It’s an entertainment industry, and I know you have to turn up the volume, which I’m now comfortable doing. At first I was very shy to talk into the mic and to talk in front of people.”

He talked about his finish and how it is a tribute to the uncle of The Great Khali:

“His finishing move was the cobra clutch. As a tribute to him, my finishing move is the cobra clutch into a slam.”

Mahal also talked about his physical transformation over the years:

“You put in the hard work and then the result comes. It’s not that you see the result and then you put in the hard work. I was preparing myself. There’s a saying, ‘force the result.' I was constantly getting in better shape, really watching what I eat, improving on all the facets of my game, so when the opportunity came, I would be ready. You have to stay ready.”


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