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Jingle All The Way 2 - Review

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Let me state that this review is riddled with spoilers, and you might not want to read further if you're at all excited to see Jingle All The Way 2 without any previous knowledge of what will happen.

Last year I watched the holiday movie with the WWE Superstar in it because my youngest, Sam, had to see Miz in a movie. I can't say it was the best movie, but it seems as though it's turning into my new thing (like writing Tribute To The Troops for WNW), as Jesse automatically assumed I was writing Jingle All The Way 2 with Santino. While Richard and I have differing opinions on Larry The Cable Guy – honestly, I wonder if it's generational, or if it's locational – I said I'd willingly watch and review this movie. While I'm not really a Larry The Cable Guy fan, I loves me some Santino, so I'm all in and willing to give this movie a chance. Though, I said that last year and Miz's movie was quite a stinker.

The movie started with the type of jokes I expected it to start with. Larry's dear young daughter, Noel, is with him while his ex-wife is away on her honeymoon with her new, rich, and snotty husband. Larry very obviously feels he cannot compete with Victor, his new house, and all the things he's providing for Noel, all the while trying to get between Larry and Noel. I have to admit that it was strange seeing Brian Stepanek playing the rich guy when I'm used to him playing Arwin, the janitor, on Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

So Victor will do all he can to sabotage Larry at ever turn, and is a sneaky jerk in doing it. Between the $10,000 tree from Maine, the snow making machine, and sending his underling to buy out every Harrison The Talking Bear, just so Larry couldn't purchase one for Noel, he's quite a turd.

Larry does all he can to keep up with Victor who says he knows he cannot compete with Larry who is so fun – even though everything goes wrong for Larry. Almost burning down his house with Christmas lights, and almost electrocuting himself in the process. Then bringing a U-Haul of snow from a colder climate that ends up completely melted and blowing him away with a huge gush of water. Of course he gets beaten up by identical twin octogenarians when all he does is ask about their Harrison Bear. Both Larry and Claude enter a contest to ride an electronic reindeer, Larry gluing his bum to the seat in an attempt to win the coveted Harrison Bear. Dressing a homeless man to get a Harrison Bear from a charity Santa, but is swindled out of the bear by a fast talking kid working for Victor's minion. Heading into a junkyard at midnight to meet up with someone to buy a hot Harrison Bear, and gets in the middle of a sting operation. Of course Larry has to go after Victor for all he did to hurt Larry throughout the movie.

Kennedi Clements as Noel is a bit forced, but she's so dang cute that I melted each time she was on screen. Porcelain skin, dark hair and bright blue eyes, and slated for the remake of Poltergeist. She's been in a number of movies and other things, and obviously takes solid direction, so I'm excited to see what she will do in that movie.

Then there's Anthony Carelli who is the straight man, Claude, to Larry in this movie. I'll admit that it's always shocking to hear Anthony when he's not playing Santino, but we all know he's Canadian, not Italian. I expected him to be in on the fun as he's been the comedic guy in the WWE for a couple years now – or was until injury took him out – but he played the straight guy beautifully. I was blown away by Anthony's underacting in this extremely overacted movie. I'd love to say his work was a breath of fresh air, but I know I'm biased.

Of course this is a feel good movie, and in the end, Larry and Victor have a heart to heart and decide they need to get along for Noel's sake. In reality they both wanted what was best for Noel, and were acting out of jealousy of the other. Further, the two men band together to bring all the Harrison Bears to the town who thinks Victor ruined Christmas for everyone. And Noel got what she wanted for Christmas all along, her family together as one.

Sam really liked Jingle All The Way 2 because she loves Stepanek who played Victor, and she thought the girl playing Noel was adorable. Honestly, Sam laughed at all the right spots, and it wasn't too mature, or too lame for me to let her watch. Normally I'd screen a movie like this ahead of time, but knowing it's a WWE Studios Christmas movie with "Santino" and Larry The Cable Guy, I wasn't extremely worried about what she might see, and I was right. Not saying this is going to be a Christmas classic, but it wasn't as bad as I was worried it could be.

Queen of WNW

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