Joe Mauer's Slump Compared To John Cena, The Rock Banks $36 Million & Saves Film Franchises


- What does Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer have in common with John Cena?'s Doug Erllen compares Mauer to Cena in a new article looking at his struggles. Below is an excerpt:

Joe Mauer once beloved by his home town fans is now playing the role of John Cena of WWE fame. He is suddenly hearing more boos with every ground out. With a no-trade clause and a 23 million dollar price tag per year, Mauer has become the punch line of fans and local media alike. The man once dubbed "The Baby Jesus" for his untouchability has only eight hits in the month of May. The only difference between Mauer and Cena at this point is there is no "Let's go Mauer" chants from one half of the stadium, and "Mauer sucks" from the other half.

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The Rock has earned $36 million in the past year and is being credited for saving two film franchises. looks at him doing the same thing for the second installment of G.I. Joe. You can read their article at this link.

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