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John Cena Comments On New Talent In WWE

Finn Balor & John Cena

In a recent interview with ESPN to promote his return to the company, John Cena spoke about a number of topics including his opinion on the new era of superstars in the company. He had this to say about the way in which Smackdown! Live has shifted from a one-man to more of an ensemble show with several stars on the same level:

"I've always said we need to put forth the best product we can, and it seems like we're doing our best to do that," said Cena. "It seems like the dynamic itself is changing. Many years ago, you could look at the brand essentially as a one-man show with one man leading the way and him being held up by a cast of supportive players. I think Attitude Era was a bit of a segue into this [modern era]. Now you see more of a multitiered show, where it's a lot of talented superstars being able to showcase their talents."

On the subject of the new talent pool:

"Over the past decade and a half that I've been around, the superstar turnover rate has been [high]," said Cena. "I've seen maybe three waves of talent come and go. I was just fortunate to be in a group in the turn of the century that was extremely talented, [with the] likes of Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar, just to name a few."

One of the biggest concerns about the long-term health of the WWE in recent years circled around the company's struggle to build new stars after the "Ruthless Aggression" era that made guys like Cena, Orton, Lesnar and Batista household names. It was the way they became stars, which included domination against much of the roster, that ultimately created part of this problem in the long term.

But the recent roster turnover, and emergence of new stars like Styles, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins, to name a few, has breathed new life into the company. And Cena has enjoyed success with all three of them.

"Everybody knows the stars resonate so heavily that they tend to have long and successful careers. But in the process, I've seen a bunch of guys come and a bunch of guys go," said Cena. "It seems like now we do have more able-bodied guys, and more of them than ever before. I think it's certainly a fresh look for our universe, and I'm certainly not opposed to it."


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