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John Cena Continues To Bury The Rock, Explains Animosity Against Him & Calling Him Out On Live TV

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CBS DC has a new article online today featuring quotes from John Cena to promote Sunday's Wrestlemania XXVIII match against The Rock. In it, Cena discusses his problems with The Rock:

“The problem I have with Dwayne is the problem I’ve always had — you say you dig the gig, then f’n show up,” Cena told Dukes. “That’s the animosity I think a lot of our guys have.”

“Showing up for the important (dates) is fine, but when you show up for the important ones don’t act like you were never gone,” he said.

“Here’s a guy who’s been gone for seven years, comes back and the first thing he says a year ago is, ‘I’m never leaving again and I love this place.’ Dude, you just got back off a seven-year hiatus.”

“In the whole process of reinventing himself, when The Rock became Dwayne Johnson, he was the first dude to say The Rock was dead, ‘I’m done with wrestling,’” Cena pointed out. “And he’ll give you some story about his psychological profile and why he wanted to do that… I guess I’m just a guy who would never say that.”

“That was something I saw right there. I wouldn’t have even said anything if I didn’t see it,” Cena recalled. “When I watch TV and I’m in the ‘Gorilla Position,’ which is right before you go through the curtain, and they have a TV there… I couldn’t believe it. Once I saw it the words became bigger and larger and his body was covered in words. It was like, I couldn’t ignore it. It became like the giant mole on the face. I had to.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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