John Cena Discusses Success Of His Brand, When He'll Walk Away

John Cena

World Heavyweight Champion John Cena was on Neil Cavuto's show on FOX Business on Monday.

Cena opened by talking about WWE's anti-bullying campaign. He urged to lead by example and admitted that he was bullied as a child. Cena said he listened to early rap music and as a result, he dressed differently and acted differently. Then he started working out and things changed.

Cavuto asked Cena about his brand. Cena said not only is he obsessed with what he does in the ring but he's obsessed with what WWE does. He said he tries to copy what Vince McMahon has done with WWE to recreate that same success for his personal brand. Cena talked about athletes losing their wealth after peaking and he blamed the situation of Mike Tyson on poor management.

Cena said he made a pact to himself when he can no longer keep up with the young guys that'll he'll gracefully walk away.

Click here to watch the appearance in its entirety.

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