John Cena Doesn't Consider WHC Second-Tier, New WWE Job Listings


- The Times-Picayune has a new article online featuring quotes from John Cena. In it, he says he doesn't consider the World Heavyweight Championship a second-tier championship and hopes to defend it at Wrestlemania XXX next year. Below is an excerpt:

“This is not taken as a shot of disrespect to anyone who has held the title before me, but it’s now viewed as a second-tier championship,” Cena said. “(Defending it at WrestleMania 30) will truly put a stamp on making it the real deal. I want the WWE universe to realize that it’s not a second-tier championship. It should be treated with as much respect as the WWE title.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

- With the website down, the company has been posting job listings here on LinkedIN. Speaking of which, you can connect with me at

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