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John Cena No Show Update

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John Cena

To follow-up on an earlier item regarding John Cena missing Sunday's WWE live event in Oakland, we are hearing conflicting reports as to why he missed the show. While initial reports indicated Cena was absent due to transportation issues, Cena was in the area in plenty of time to make it to the venue.

In asking around, I'm told the promotional department was under the impression he was working the show up until Justin Roberts made the announcement that he would not be working. This indicates Cena's removal was last minute in nature. We continue to hear Cena's elbow is in bad shape and it could have been that WWE did not want him working prior to SummerSlam.

WWE held a battle royal to determine Alberto Del Rio's opponent [who was advertised to face Cena], which ended up being the returning Big Show.

We have removed our initial report to eliminate confusion. I apologize for the error.

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