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John Cena Says He's Trying To Change The WWE Title Design, Names Future Stars & His One Dream Opponent, More

John Cena recently participated in an interview on Mix106.1 in Philadelphia and discussed the current WWE Title design, his influences, future stars in the company, which Superstar he'd like a match with in any era (besides The Rock), and more.

Cena says that the current "Spinner" WWE Title design is the most requested and sold belt in WWE history, but also has the following to say:

"Being the guy who truly invented it, it needs to change. It has been the way it's been for years now. It's had it's run. It doesn't even spin anymore. It's heavy. It's awkward. It really is. An average championship belt weighs about 12 pounds. The current WWE spinning championship weighs 27 pounds. So we need a rehash. I'm proactively trying to do that, but I've only got so much stroke, guys. I can't do everything."

Cena also praises upcoming talent such as Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, and Cody Rhodes as future stars. When asked which wrestler from any era he'd like to face, he chose "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and said that he believes he has one more match in him, and says although CM Punk wants that match, he'd like to throw his name in the hat as well.

The full interview is embedded below:

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