John Cena Says Wrestlemania Match Against Hogan Would Be A Dream Come True

John Cena

TMZ Sports had a camera at John Cena's Kmart signing at Penn Station in New York City on Tuesday. Cena was asked about facing Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania XXX.

John said it would be a dream come true but he wouldn't want to put Hogan in a situation where he would not be physically capable. He said it wouldn't be Wrestlemania XXX without the Hulkster and he hopes they can get him there regardless of his capacity.

We've heard from multiple sources out of Hogan's camp that Hogan wants to face Cena in a match at next year's pay-per-view. The two parties are reportedly negotiating but neither Vince McMahon nor Triple H want the deal to be contingent on Hogan getting a singles match at Wrestlemania against Cena.

You can watch the TMZ Sports interview below:


Jon Cena -- I Love Hulk Hogan, But He's Too Old to Wrestle
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