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John Cena To Face Mark Henry As Scheduled Tonight; Says Things Were Heated At Accident Scene

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WWE has provided an update on John Cena after he was involved in a car crash this morning in Philadelphia. The official website reports he will face Mark Henry as scheduled on tonight's Raw Supershow and features quotes from Cena. Below is an excerpt from their article:

“We were doing some early morning media for the event tonight in Philadelphia and we got in a car accident,” Cena told “The Civic was totaled, but no one was hurt, believe it or not.”

Although Cena claims to be 100 percent, the Superstar is still set to meet with WWE medical personnel today at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center. Cena was scheduled to face Mark Henry on tonight’s Raw SuperShow – a match, which according to Cena, will go on as planned.

“I’ve been in plenty of car wrecks before,” the former WWE Champion said. “I’m in one piece and I can still do battle with The World’s Strongest Man tonight.”

According to Cena’s driver, Jules Anderson, the accident occurred around 11:30 a.m., when Cena’s vehicle was traveling eastbound on Rt. 76. The SUV sustained slight damage in the rear, according to Anderson, who further confirmed that no injuries were observable at the scene of the accident. Cena was on a phone meeting at the time of the collision.

The Cenation Commander in Chief’s celebrity may have also helped calm the waters between the other drivers, Anderson said.

"They were arguing, and I stepped in to calm the situation down,” he said. “I told the guys, ‘There's no need to fight, as long as everybody's living and breathing.’”

Once Anderson informed the other drivers that his passenger was the former 12-time World Champion, tempers cooled.

"I said, I have the most important client right now, I've got to get John Cena down to this next meeting,” he continued. “Immediately, when they saw it was John Cena in the car, they calmed down, started acting like friends, and wanted to meet him.”

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