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John Cena On Not Turning Heel, Vince On What He Means To WWE

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Variety published a more in-depth piece on John Cena expanding his career as a producer and noted that he was looking to make more movies. A lot of ground is covered so you can check out the piece for complete details but there were a couple quotes I wanted to feature.

First, Cena talked about not shedding his image as an over the top babyface. Below is an excerpt:

“When you do that, everything you said, everything you stand for gets erased,” Cena says. “It’s a poor business decision.” He keeps meetings like one with an eight-year-old boy who beat cancer twice in the back of his mind. “He was shy and reserved but simply said, ‘I never give up because you tell me not to.’ It’s tough to win that eight-year-old kid back (with heel turns). I don’t want to lose them. Athletics has become such a business. Everything is circulated around the almighty dollar. It’s tough to find people to look up to.”

Vince McMahon was quoted and shed more light on what John means to the company. Here was his quote:

“John’s passion for our business along with his charisma, work ethic and integrity have made him a global superstar and role model,” McMahon says. “John also has extraordinary business instincts and an insatiable thirst for knowledge which translate to any medium and are keys to his success.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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