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John Cena Wants To Face The Undertaker

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In an interview on ESPN, John Cena was questioned about his return on Smackdown! Live and about his future in the WWE, his past, American Grit and was also asked about the potential of a big match with the Undertaker that many people have been buzzing about for quite a few years. Here is what he said:

Undertaker certainly is a cornerstone of WWE, and just as I say to myself that I really would have liked to been able to get to know and certainly get in the ring with Andre the Giant, just because of all the respect and folklore that went around with Andre, I think The Undertaker has that same sort of respect and folklore around him. If you're asking if I'd want to be in a high-profile match with one of the most legendary superstars in the industry, my answer is yes.

For a while, there have been rumours of Cena possibly facing the Dead Man at this year's Wrestlemania but we haven't gotten anything confirmed nor has the WWE announced it via social media. It should be interesting to see if we finally get this potentially legendary encounter.

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