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John Cena On Why WWE Doesn't Acknowledge Chris Benoit

John Cena 2017

Another Chris Benoit-related story for the day.

John Cena was recently in Australia doing a series of one-man shows entitled An Evening with John Cena. Surprisingly, Cena was asked by a fan about why the WWE no longer acknowledges Chris Benoit's existence outside of the footage of him on the WWE Network that is available. Cena said the following in response:

“Very difficult question, and I’ll answer it like this. Often times, we get caught up in a person’s ability and their performance – and this transcends WWE – this is a problem in sport. It is also a problem in entertainment. People will do bad things. But if they are good at what they do, sometimes those things are overlooked. I don’t in believe that. I believe you should take ownership for your actions. All of them. Not just ones that are performed in front of an audience. I think our company’s stance on the entire situation set a precedent for athletics, and a precedent for entertaining of taking ownership for your actions.”


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