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John Layfield Apologizes To The Colon Family For Comments Made On WWE Raw

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John Layfield has a new blog entry online on his Facebook page where he discusses playing a heel commentator on this week's WWE Raw. He apologizes for offending the Colon family. Below is an excerpt:

I went to Primo and Epico and made sure I had their title history as well as their father Carlo Colon's, so I could try and help them in a very short match with Ryback.

I quoted their history, did my best to put them over and then made a comment with something to the effect of 'Primo comes from a great heritage his father was a 24 time Puerto Rico champion'. I added, 'he still owes me money... and many others'. I'm a heel.

However, apparently I have offended Mr Colon and/or the wrestling community/office in Puerto Rico. This was never intended, there was no malice. I was trying to entertain--and put his kids over by listing their histories.

So my apologies to Mr Colon, Primo and Epicco, and any of the other wrestling community in Puerto Rico that are now upset.

I had assumed they would know that I was merely trying my best to do my job and no malice was intended-that is obviously not the case, please understand my only intention was to entertain.

Click here to read the blog in its entirety.

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