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Jon Jones Says He & Brock Lesnar "Are Not In The Same Boat"

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Jon Jones & Brock Lesnar

Jon Jones, who was pulled from the UFC 200 card for a potential USADA Anti-Doping Policy violation, has been speaking out on

>social media. First he tweeted this:

">July 18, 2016

When asked if he believes that Brock Lesnar took steroids, he tweeted this:

">July 18, 2016

We reported here on on Monday that Jones's out-of-competition A and B urine samples tested positive for clomiphene and letrozole. Clomiphene is an estrogen-blocking substance and letrozole works to prevent the synthesis of testosterone into estrogen.

Jones was removed from his scheduled fight against Daniel Cormier prior to UFC 200 per the USADA's Anti-Doping Policy. He faces a two-year suspension from MMA competition.

As for Lesnar, the only thing confirmed right now is that his sample collected on June 28, 2016 was flagged after being tested on July 14, 2016. His B sample was set to be tested this week and we’ve covered every angle including the ramifications, the rumors and the response.

Brock Lesnar called Jon Jones “unprofessional” for his violation prior to his fight at UFC 200.

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