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Jon Moxley, formerly Dean Ambrose in WWE, went on Chris Jericho's Podcast Talk is Jericho and had no problem opening up about his issues with WWE as well as generally speaking his mind about pro wrestling, AEW, and his personal journey.  We've embedded the full podcast below. Among the things mentioned, Moxley stated:

-Frustrations with the WWE writing team, stating was Vince the biggest problem.

-He had major issues with using Roman's illness as heat and even confronted Vince about it.  Apparently, Vince had wanted to push it even further and told him to cut a promo that Moxley said would have cost them sponsors. 

- He knew he wanted to leave and didn't even look at the new contract that WWE offered him.

- Stated that the Nia Jax angle was done to insult and embarrass him, as it was added minutes after he told them he was leaving. However, he didn't have problems doing it.

- That the idea of showing up on Mondays made him feeling sick.  He was so against the idea of staying with WWE that he was actually looking up symptoms of depression because of how poorly he felt.

- He was only paid $500 for the Shield special on the WWE Network.  That's what extras make for appearing on TV.

- He would have left WWE even if there wasn't a rival company he could have gone to.

- Finally, that Vince and his creative process is "killing the company."

These are just a few of the quotes and statements made and we HIGHLY recommend checking out the Podcast as it's enlightening. 

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