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Josh Bredl Latest Example Of Tough Enough Contestant Getting Nuclear Heat

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One of the more interesting stories of the day has to do with a Tweet sent from the verified account of WWE Tough Enough winner Josh Bredl, who now works down in NXT as Bronson Matthews. For those that missed it, he tweeted this during the airing of this week’s Raw in reference to the Social Outcasts faction:

“Yup.. I like it..


Kevin Owens, Bull Dempsey and Stardust all responded publicly before the members of the faction weighed in. While this is the first time a Tough Enough contestant has garnered such a large degree of public heat through social media, it’s not the first time a contestant from Tough Enough has drawn heat.

The Miz is a good example of a worker that was widely disliked and viewed as an outsider due to his background as a cast member of MTV’s The Real World. There was even a story that came out several years ago that JBL kicked Miz out of the locker room for an entire year, forcing him to change in hallways.

As for Bredl’s case, he’s already in a rough spot because he’s making a lot more than most of the talent that have worked much harder to land a developmental deal. Bradl was awarded a $250,000 contract, several times more than the average WWE developmental contract. Respect is a big part of the wrestling business and workers are quick to pounce on anyone they feel doesn't give it.

The heat on Bredl is real and it’s probably in his best interest to refrain from tweeting things that could be seen as “disrespectful” to talent that have come up through the ranks and paid their dues in the wrestling business.

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