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Josh Mathews Not Interested In WWE Return, Comments On Styles/JBL Fight

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Recently released WWE announcer Josh Mathews responded to a follower on Twitter that stated the company should fire Byron Saxton and bring him back. Mathews responded, putting over Saxton and proclaiming he wouldn't be interested in a WWE return. The following is from Twitter:

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When another follower said he would come back if asked, he said this:

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Another Twitter follower Tweeted Mathews, stating they would like to see him against JBL on Raw. Here was his response: Click here to load Tweet (if not loaded)

The story Mathews is talking about happened in 2008 while WWE was in Iraq. Apparently JBL had been hazing Styles the whole tour and after drinking, he pushed Styles' last button. This resulted in Styles punching JBL and busting his eye open. Styles, in badass mode, had to be separated from JBL by talent.

The last story we had on Mathews was him being at TNA headquarters in Nashville, TN.

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