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JR Blog - WWE Signs Former NFL Linemen, Holding Invitation-Only Tryout Camp In LA, SummerSlam Main Event

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below is an excerpt:

A couple of the new, former NFL linemen that WWE has signed to begin training have lost well over 100, perhaps closer to 200 combined pounds to get in better condition and to be able to present themselves better on TV.

WWE will conduct a closed, invitation only try out camp next Monday-Wednesday in the Los Angeles area that I'm anxious to attend. The recruiting of new, trainees for WWE Development hasn't been this aggressive in years or so it seems.

I wonder what bout at SummerSlam will slip up on us and 'steal the show?' Perhaps Jericho vs. Ziggler or even Rey vs Miz has a shot. Based on what I've seen on WWE TV the past several weeks, no one has been better in the ring or out of it than Daniel Bryan.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin saying good bye to Chad Johnson on HBO's Hard Knocks reminded me some of my talent relations days. Letting someone go or doing an intervention are not great aspects of any job. I always tried to do it with respect and honesty and do it as succinctly as possible. In hindsight and years later, most people that this distinction befell completely understand that what was done needed to be done.

Just because I'm regularly asked, no...I have no plans on broadcasting at SummerSlam this Sunday but will be in LA enjoying the show. Obviously things could change and I'd need maybe 5 minutes notice to be ready.

I expect the WWE Title bout to close the show at SummerSlam but there is no doubt that the HHH-Lesnar encounter has many fans talking. I expect HHH and Brock to be physical, straight forward, and a match that will challenge each man's will. It's a distinctly personal issue that features two of the most physically driven men to ever compete in WWE. The Game has plenty of motivation in this personal issue but I wonder if that will be enough to handle Lesnar who has strategically monitored his every step on TV while building viable anticipation for this match and what he plans to do. This one might even be 'Bowling Shoe Ugly' in the sense that I don't think that it will be artistically appealing but it will be intense, guttural, and smash mouth.

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