JR Blogs On WWE Departure, Live Report From Event In Scotland


JR Blogs on WWE Departure

Jim Ross posted a blog entry on his last day in WWE being September 11, 2013. It's interesting to note that he doesn't mentioned retirement nor does he include details surrounding his departure. JR wrote that he wouldn't have changed a thing in his career except that he wished he had avoided some health issues along the way. You can read his blog entry at this link.

Live Report From Scotland

Amid JR's WWE departure, below is a live report sent to us from Wrestling News World reader Mike Bone from JR's Meet and Greet in Glasgow. In the meet and greet, he addressed several topics including retirement:

I was in Glasgow on the 27th of August for a meet and greet with J.R at Glasgow Hilton, there was a couple of hundred people there so a good turnout for the man.

It was split into two segments, one was him talking about his life growing up and learning about responsibilities and some interesting stories about how he got into the wrestling business and if he would kill a man to be in the business.

The second section was a Q&A with the Scottish Fans, no topics were off, but he did have the right to refuse to answer.

A few of the questions brought up.

What were his thoughts on the Summerslam 2K14 Panel.

- JR was quite calm about this when asked - Stated at the start that alot of people had made the wrong impression of him, he wasn't drunk as he obviously has stated in the past has had fights with Bells Palsy which causes him to slur his words, as he had done a couple of times during the night when speaking for long periods. The questioner also asked regarding the Ric Flair incident, JR had changed at this point and stated that Naitch is going through a grieving process, should he have been there? Probably not, but Naitch wants to work and keep his mind off things.

It turns out that Ric Flair found Reid dead in the hotel room, and as JR pointed out.

"You tell me how you would cope finding your pride and joy lying moitionless and tell me how you would be coping" The room went silent and we went onto a new question.

JR was asked about retirement.

He stated that he would never retire from the wrestling business, as he wants to be there whenever the WWE call upon him, wither its one match, three matches or a full PPV or a live show he will be there, and that the only day he will retire is the day they bury him. - Strong words from the man, as he got a round of applause from the crowd.

We asked him about the Stone Cold heel turn at X7.

It didn't work. - Was the honest answer "It was meant to be mega charged but the fans just wanted to cheer for Stone Cold, even when they used JR to get beating up on RAW, the fans just cheered so it couldn't work but they tried"

Invasion angle was brought up

He stated that "a lot of the big guns of WCW didn't want to come to WWF at the time as they were happy getting cheques for large money until there contracts ran out, then when the cheques stopped coming, we got some guys in. NWO in 2002, Steiner in 2002, Goldberg 2003. All there contracts were up just as they came in, if they had them for the invasion it could have been much better and the storylines could have been drawn out over a longer period.

Chris Benoit was brought up to which the crowd was shocked, you knew it was going to happen, just who was it going to say.

JR paused when thinking about his answer. He was very passionate about it, and left it short his reply.

"When people will mention Chris Benoit and should he be in the hall of fame, what do you remember about him, the world title at 2004, his debut or the man who murdered his wife and child and tell me why he is not in the HOF."

Owen Hart was then mentioned which JR replied.

He hadn't watched Over the Edge and has been asked numerous times what was going on through his head when it happened, he doesn't remember what happened that night, he might watch the tape one day but now is not that day.

JR seemed in good spirits on 27th of August, and was talking highly of the WWE 2K14 video game which he explained King and him had spent ages in the recording booth going over sound bites which was a lot of fun, he was open honest and such a good story teller a bit like when you listen to him on TV.

It's a shame now we wont get to hear that voice was last time on TV, and it'll only be remembered via Youtube and DVDs.

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