JR Comments On Undertaker/Wrestlemania, Format For The WWE Hall Of Fame, JBL Underrated


Jim Ross has a new blog on his official website at this link. Below is an excerpt:

Will the Undertaker wrestle at WM29? I honestly and truly have no idea. However, I don't believe all that I read online from those who are speculating multiple tales regarding the subject.

Do I think that the Undertaker is done? No. Absolutely not.

Would Bruno Sammartino have made it in today's wrestling business? Absolutely. Bruno had 'it.' 'It' cannot be taught or feigned. Bruno knew how to connect with the paying customers. He was believeable. Just because Bruno never did a hurricanrana or a tope doesn't mean he would not have done well. It's all about talent and television and how the talents are perceived on TV. That means it takes a partnership between the two entities with the talent being the key component.

Who goes into the WWE HOF? I find out when other fans do. I like it that way. Are there wrestlers who deserve to be inducted that aren't? Of course. Randy Savage comes to mind but I'm of the belief that every thing will work out as it should at the end of the day. No one can do any thing about the past or the 'much overdue' debates.

How would I format the 2013 WWE HOF? I'd open with @RealMickFoley and close with Bruno. I opened in 2007 with @steveaustinBSR and it worked for the live audience and the TV show. Or so I think.

Do I think that JBL gets the credit he deserves for his long, title run? No. @JCLayfield reinvented himself multiple times after we hired him and each time he got better. He's a smart Texan who likely overachieved, as he and I both did in marriage, in the eyes of his peers. John was an excellent athlete who did not want to be average. He was a competitor who wanted the spotlight and was willing to put in the work to get it. If that meant pushing someone aside, so be it. I applaud that mindset and am proud of John's certain, HOF career. He's also a breath of fresh air on WWE TV and brings a high IQ to the broadcast table in his antagonist role.

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