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JR Discusses Being Fired On Raw, More

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Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-After an embarrassing Monday night firing on live TV with no advance notice, it took me a day or two to rebound but I'm good to go as I write this blog. As the King says, "One can't grieve forever" and I won't I assure you.

-WWE upper management made the call to remove me from weekly TV and that is their choice. It's the WWE's team and I simply am playing on it. Being a team guy, I run the plays that are sent in whether they make sense or not. Like my Dad taught me, if you accept a man's money then do the work that the man wants. When one can't handle the work or the silliness any longer, stop taking the cash and stay home and do something else. I'm not ready to leave the team that I helped build especially considering the vulnerable state the company was in when I took over Talent Relations.

-Plus, the three man announce booth is not overly efficient, in my personal opinion, and I, apparently, did not fit into the mix based on decisions that were made Monday.

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.

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