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JR Discusses Bell's Palsy Awareness; WWE's Next Breakout Star

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below is an excerpt:

Lots of Bells palsy awareness in the news recently as a result of a TV reporter in South Carolina getting hit with Bells while on a plane preparing to travel to meet friends to celebrate the afflicted, young lady's upcoming wedding. It can be a horrifying experience because the symptoms are similar to having a stroke but thankfully aren't as serious.

One of the most common side affects that many Bells palsy victims incur is depression. I always thought that I was mentally tough and even worked through the deaths of my own parents while continuing to work on the air including broadcasting a PPV in London after getting a call that my mother had passed away suddenly back in Oklahoma.

Getting Bells palsy for a TV personality can be, essentially, a career ender. The good news for most that within 90 days or so many Bells palsy victims are totally healed. A small handful, such as myself, do not heal completely. I've lost my smile literally but the irony of that matter is that I've lead a blessed life/career and couldn't be happier.

Looking back at some significant moments in my career I can tell you without question that leaving the 'Gorilla Position' at WrestleMania 15 in Philly that I was terrified. I've never been more afraid of anything in my professional life. I made the mistake of looking into a mirror that was near 'Gorilla' and I did not like what I saw. My face was hanging on one side, drool coming out of my mouth, one eye was larger than the other, my tongue was numb and I was mere seconds away from hearing my entrance music, Boomer Sooner, play before a sold out crowd and a worldwide PPV audience at our Super Bowl. I just knew that folks were going to gasp and that small kids would be startled a the sight of what I perceived to be a circus freak.

Who is the break out performer in WWE so farin 2012? Is there really any debate? It has to be AJ who has taken the opportunities provided her, the creative input she's received and has made her role bigger than I'm sure many perceived that it would ever become. Obviously, AJ waited for her opportunity and maximized her minutes no matter how few or how insignificant that they may have seemed at the time.

Happy to see Tyson Kidd's success on Smackdown Friday night. Tyson has seemingly found his personality, so to speak, to go along with his significant in ring skills. I love his in ring persona, which will/should only get bigger and better, and the skill set that the Calgary Kid brings to the table. A recent NXT bout vs. Michael McGillicutty gave me all that I needed to see on both young athletes who have wrestling DNA running in their veins.

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