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JR Discusses Gordon Solie, A Match He'd Like To Call Again, Failed Creative Pitches, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

"Thoughts on Gordon Solie?" Greatest wrestling broadcaster ever. Changed the game. Added more reality to the genre than any of his predecessors. He wasn't a cartoon character and made one believe. Today was his birthday BTW and I will always remember the CAC event on the east coast having a beverage with Gordon and Lou Thesz. I wish I had savored that moment more. I'm continually reminded that tomorrows for any of us aren't guaranteed. 

Thanks to Solie's influence on my career, I've always felt that the wrestlers provided the music while the broadcasters compiled the lyrics. I still feel that way today. For someone to say that I was the soundtrack to their bouts is high praise.

"One match that I called that I wish I could do over." Some talents might say several but one that I could have nailed much better was HBK vs. Flair at WM24. I'll take the hit on that one. I didn't adapt well to the three man booth.

"What's one creative idea that was pitched that never made it?" Years ago, I threw an idea on the table to have an Undertaker vs. Mankind PPV bout, prior to the Boiler Room Brawl or what ever it was called, on Alcatraz Island. We couldn't get it cleared legally at that time to do it. It was a rough idea with no final, final details and in hindsight might not have been one of my better suggestions. However, it did sound good at the time and packed plenty of 'sizzle.'

Click here to read JR’s latest in its entirety.

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